I'm Tevin MK, an artist with a love for blending genres and telling stories through music. My journey has spanned diverse genres, with a particular affinity for hip-hop.

In the realms of sound engineering, recording, music production, beat-making, songwriting, and vocals, I bring a versatile and unique touch to my craft. As a sound engineer, I delicately shape sounds, aiming for immersive experiences.

In recording, my focus is on capturing the essence of each sound with care and authenticity. In music production and beat-making, I strive to create simple yet engaging compositions that resonate with varied audiences.

My passion for storytelling shines in my songwriting, crafting various narratives and reflective lyrics. 

Dedicated to continuous growth, I embrace opportunities that allow me to contribute to the ever-evolving music industry.


Get in touch for additional details or any inquiries.